Verticals We Support


Expiry tracking, Scales management, auto replenishing and auto purchasing

Retail Pharmacies

Expiry tracking, auto replenishing and auto purchases

Resturants and Bars

Floor plan and table management, Kitchen and order tracking, social media order placement, chain store management

Apparel Retail Stores

Color, size and attribute tracking, open to buy, customer tracking and loyalty management

Electronics Stores

Warranty tracking, serial number tracking excellent inventory management, extensive customization

Luxury and Jewelry Stores

Extensive customer management, loyalty program, color size and attribute tracking


Student management, attendance management, course scheduling and fees management


Hospitals, clinics, laboratories or practice management covering patient management, Appointment, Consultation, Lab procedure, in-patient management, stock management, pharmacy operations.


Build Of Materials, Shop Control, Product costing, Warehouse Management, Planning and scheduling

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What We Are About

We know Retail

With over 500 stores running retail solutions installed and managed by us, we have experience in retail and this experience counts. We do not “experiment”, we go straight to the problem and provide the appropriate tested solutions.

Different Verticals we support

From Pharmacies to Restaurants we are comfortable working in different retail verticals. One size does not fit all and we make sure we always have the right size for all clients.

End to End Support

We are not just sellers of Point of Sale Solutions. We have the expertise to support the entire gamut of the retail back and front end from Accounting to HR to Inventory support to IT Support, we have retail totally covered.

Cutting Edge of Retail Technology

We operate at the cutting edge of Retail Technology, every solution we implement utilizes current technology and retail thinking, this ensures your retail business is future proof.

What Do we Do?

XlevelRetail is a foremost retail consultancy that delivers cutting edge solutions for a wide variety of verticals.


Without Xlevel, we most likely could not have scaled as quickly and efficiently as we have

-Ifedeyi Ola-Shodunke/ Founder, Audacious

The people at Xlevel are professionalism personified

-Bolaji Akinyemi/ C.E.O, Timekeepers

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