Business of Retail

Our Business of Retail (BoR) unit provides advisory services on the hard/business side of retail. These are the otherwise non glamorous but essential side of retail,
the core part of retail that actually determine if you will remain in retail business...or not.

The average retailer just wants to sell her products and take care of customers and the brand. She does not include in this bargain having to handle

  • Financial Accounting issues
  • Tax matters
  • Internal Controls
  • Inventory Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Information Technology

However all these and more is required to ensure the continued success of a retail business. The average retail business owner may not have the expertise to set up these needed areas of the business.

Our BoR unit does.

Contact BoR today and let us see how we can help set up, manage or optimise these much needed areas of your retail business. or 08025017858 to kickstart a new phase in your retail business.