Biometric Online Time & Attendance Solution

At XlevelRetail, we have integrated the latest Biometric identification technologies with up-to-date software to create an easy to use time and attendance solution to meet all your workforce management needs.

All our terminals are easy to use and install and in partnership with our solution providers( We are proud to give you an online real-time solution that ensures you always know your employee's exact location.

Using fingerprints to sign in and out employees is a foolproof method of measuring attendance. No two fingerprints are the same, so there's no way to abuse the system. The system is also easy to use.

Features of the Solution

    • Totally Web based, giving HR/MAnagement access to real-time attendance data from anywhere in the world.
    • Uses basic internet to upload data from the clocks to the cloud server
    • Data integration into any ERP Solution.
    • Scheduling & Leave Management, Schedule employees and track available vacation/sick time accruals.
    • Rule based time & attendance to automate all calculations including overtime, premiums and even multiple pay rate.
    • Employee self-service enable employees to access their schedules from any browser or mobile device..