Complete Retail Management Software Designed for Specialty Retail

As simple as you want, as sophisticated as you need –Retail Pro 9 is one of the most comprehensive retail management software solutions available globally. Retail Pro increases operational efficiency to deliver increased productivity and ultimately widen profit margins.

Flexibility Begins with Architecture

The architecture of Retail Pro 9 has been designed from the ground up with the mindset that it would support a retailer’s needs. Whether you need to integrate your businesses ERP or accounting system or augment Retail Pro to match your way of doing business Retail Pro 9’s robust API provides a foundation to lend itself well to adaptation.

  • Extreme extensibility for unique business
  • Ability to add custom functionality and workflow
  • Foundation for ERP integrations (SAP, JDE, etc.)
  • Fully integrated, industry-leading accounting packages

Adaptable User Interface

customer solutions platform

Unlike other software solutions that restrict users to a prescribed set of screens and options, Retail Pro 9’s intuitive user interface is extremely agile and adaptable. When the need arises, the user-friendly interface is nearly limitless in its customizability and configurations, allowing the freedom to easily tailor screens to fit your exact operational requirements and decide what information and workflow your team executes.

  • Define your specific workflows
  • Extend your branding to all customer touch points
  • Streamline customer experience and engagement
  • Improve productivity through ease of use

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Our robust reporting module in Retail Pro 9, gives you an integrated reporting solution preloaded with a wide array of standard reports to help you make better, more informed decisions. Where your needs extend beyond the core reports you can leverage the power of an ODBC-compliant report writer to generate custom-tailored data providing you with actionable information.

  • Robust reporting out of the box
  • Over 150+ prebuilt reports
  • Graphical reports for monitoring operational performance
  • Built-in statistics and KPIs for inventory items and customers
  • Flexibility to create custom reports

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Retail Pro 9 Capabilities

Point of Sale and Checkout

Our feature-rich POS software improves your customers’ shopping experience. With Retail Pro 9, your associates can speed up POS transactions with customized and user-friendly terminal functionalities, collect and manage customer details for more personalized service, and improve promotion management with automated discounts, gift card and store credit tracking, and more. For the retailer’s peace of mind, Retail Pro’s robust security allows authorized users to discreetly track suspicious activities occurring at point of sale, as well as manage centralized data to help prevent fraudulent returns and transactions.

Layaways, Special Orders, and Gift Registries

Retail Pro 9 helps you easily track customer order, layaways, special orders or backorders, and take an unlimited number of deposits which can be suggested and/or required. Your customers can benefit from gift registries available across multiple stores, and you can easily convert sales transactions to layaways or special orders.

Customer Management, Retention, and Loyalty

Retail Pro’s comprehensive customer management features are designed to improve sales performance through more personalized customer service. Track multiple KPIs across your entire customer base to better segment and target different customer groups. This and integrated, customizable loyalty programs build customer retention by offering rewards for spending, visits or other metrics. Protect your customer’s data with Retail Pro 9’s robust security levels to safeguard their Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Inventory Control and Management

Conveniently manage inventory across your entire retail organization with Retail Pro 9. Our inventory control and management features allow you to track an unlimited number of items in multiple dimensions:

  • Track across the entire product lifecycle
  • Track movement within store locations and sub-locations
  • Track item-specific tax requirements, and more

This retail management system will allow you to view on-hand, sold, received, on-order and in-transit quantities for each item across all store locations. Manage inventory your way through the use of style grid templates and an unlimited number of user-defined fields for each item.

Purchase Order Management and Transfers

borderless retailing

Retail Pro 9 streamlines your purchasing and transfer management. Automatically create purchase orders based on existing stock, definable minimum/maximum stock levels, and customer order commitments. Optimize merchandise replenishment by transferring overstock or low-selling items based on need or as an even distribution. Retail Pro 9 simplifies purchase order management across several locations with ‘master’ purchase orders that automatically distribute merchandise to the stores in need of stock and communicate replenishment decisions via Advanced Shipping Notices.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Our robust and flexible reporting consolidates and presents all your transactional data into easy-to-use reports to improve store performance. With Retail Pro 9, you get an integrated reporting solution preloaded with a wide array of standard reports to help you make better, more informed decisions. Use these standard reports to:

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Track inventory stock levels
  • Determine best/worst sellers
  • Manage employee commissions
  • Generate sales tax liability reports
  • Determine top customers, and much more

For more sophisticated reporting needs, you can use any ODBC-compliant reports writer to create custom reports for Retail Pro.

Employee Security, Management, and Productivity

Retail Pro 9 improves security with limits on the amount of discounts each employee is able to give at point of sale, and allows the definition of security groups that control access to specific functionalities within Retail Pro. Streamlined and flexible employee management options help to improve store performance and reduce losses. Staff productivity and performance can be monitored by using Retail Pro’s tools to manage commissions and reward employees.

Centralized Transaction Control

Retail Pro 9 continuously communicates your transactional and customer data to a central database, giving you reliable access to secure and accurate, up-to-date information. Centralized payments allow you to issue and redeem store credit, gift cards, and loyalty rewards at any of your locations in real-time. Centralized returns prevent shrinkage by verifying information against the database to spot suspicious irregularities. Retailers can also perform a centralized lookup of customers from the database for delivering more personalized customer service.

Accounting Link

Retail Pro 9 is fully integrated with several accounting packages, including Sage MAS 90, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage 300, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics GP: Accounting. Retail Pro’s Universal Accounting Link can save you valuable time and increase data accuracy between your retail and financial systems.

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